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Half Day Excursions

PLane Snorkel Photo.jpg

Half Day Snorkeling

Price: $3,200 + $440 Fuel Charge

Includes two snorkel stops which will entail snorkeling with the turtles and one reef snorkel as well as a half hour beach picnic.


Half Day Snorkeling With Sharks Viewing

Price: $3,500 + $500 Fuel Charge

Includes one reef snorkel and a shark snorkel or two reef snorkels, depending on the clients feeling towards sharks and anchor at Jaws Beach for swimming and beaching.


Half Day Fishing

Price: $3,100 + $620 Fuel Charge

Includes one or a variety of the following, trolling, deep dropping or bottom fishing. Spare fishing can be done on the southern side of the island.

Scuba Upside downs Wreck.jpg

Half Day Scuba Diving

Price: $3,500 + $700 Fuel Charge

Includes a two tank dive, one deep dive and one shallow dive with half hour surface intervals.

sunset view.jpg

Sunset Cruise

Price: $1,100 + $220 Fuel Charge

Depending on the time of year, we would leave two hours before sunset and slowly cruise upwards to the time of sunset before returning. 

1/2 Snorkling
1/2 Sharks
1/2 fishing
1/2 Scuba
Sunset Cruise

Full Day Excursions

Full Day Northern Exuma tour

Price: $8,200 + $1,240 Fuel Charge

This tour can include any three of the following stops, a stop at iguana island, the sand bar depending on tide, a snorkel trip at a sunken plane or a trip through the washing machine. A pit stop for lunch can be made at either McDuffs on Norman’s Cay or at Xuma on Highbourne Cay. Reservations for both locations have to be made prior to arrival and a menu with pricing will be provided once the reservation is made or a picnic on board or on a deserted beach can be organised

Exumas Staircase.jpg

Full Day Southern Exuma tour

Price: $9,000 + $1,600 Fuel Charge

This trip will include a stop to iguana island, lunch at Staniel Cay, a stop to Big Majors Cay to check out the famous swimming pigs and a final stop to Compass Cay to swim with the nurse sharks.

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Full Day Kamalame Cay

Price: $5,200 + $1,040 Fuel Charge

This includes a drop off to the world famous Kamalame Cay for a great lunch and relaxing getaway.

kamalame cay.jpg

Full Day Rose Island

Price: $5,500 + $1,100 Fuel Charge

This excursion includes two snorkel sights, fun on the beach and a lunch stop to Footprints Beach Bar on Rose Island.


Full Day Berry Islands

Price: $6,200 + $1,240 Fuel Charge

This includes one snorkel trip, a stop at Floes Conch Shack for lunch and onward to Hoffman’s Cay to dive into the blue hole.

berry island.jpg
Full Day Northern Exuma tour
Full N. Exuma
Full S Exuma
Rose Island
Berry Islands

* All prices are subject to change without notice. 

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