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Your Captain

My name is Rudolph Ferguson but I’m affectionately known to everyone as “ Captain Rudy”. 

I’ve been a boat captain for the last 14 years and a PADI Dive Instructor for the past 12 years.

My passion for the sea started at a very young age, being an island boy going out to the beach and boating was a regular way of life for me. My excitement and eagerness to learn more about the sea only grew once I was introduced to sea through scuba diving. Exploring, sharing and guiding guests through our beautiful blue waters is a passion. Secluded sandy beach outings, snorkelling and sunset outing spots have no secrets for me.


Captain Rudolph Ferguson

I wanted to learn as much as I could about the most misunderstood creature on the planet, Sharks.

If my guests are up for it, I take them to where they can have an up a safe close encounter, from the safety of the boat or in the water, whilst educating and hopefully changing their perspective on them.  

My philosophy as a captain is above all safety must come first. I also believe that professionalism and great service and good humour is what sets me  apart from the rest. 

I also truly believe that I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it’s an absolute joy for me to tour islands with our guests.

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